Posted by: Mark | October 25, 2008

BIG surf at Ocean Beach

I will avoid trying to make this a forum for talking about surfing, but it is one of my passions and it comes up in my life. I’m particularly proud of this photo. It IS NOT of me. I make that disclaimer right off the bat. However, I was out surfing today when this photo was taken and I got a wave just about that big. It was Saturday Oct. 25, 2008 at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Biggest wave I’ve ever ridden, couldn’t be more stoked about it. Totally terrifying. Big wave riding is a thrill unlike any other. I’ll just leave it at that.



  1. HOLY WHAT?!?!?!?!

  2. that’s a great picture! i posted some others on none as good as this one though 🙂

  3. All I can say is thank you for this……
    Biggest wave I ever tried to ride was over 15 but less than 20 at another OB — San Diego. To get outside, we had to paddle up from Pescadero!(next break south) That day you couldn’t get out with a longboard at OB and you couldn’t get in……
    wild and a once in a life time experience

  4. I love this photograph! Brent passed it on to me and I was astounded.

  5. That is one HUGE wave.

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