Posted by: Mark | October 31, 2008

Brent Jordan

In the last month I’ve become friends with Brent Jordan, a singer/songwriter transplant from North Carolina. He and his wife Melissa moved out here a few months ago to hopefully help springboard Brent’s career. It’s worth checking out his myspace to get a sneak peak at one of his new songs, “Friend John,” and also to read his bio. In fact, he and I are collaborating on a music video for this song which we hope will help promote his new album, which is being mastered now and should be out for release soon.

The guy rocks. He puts a ton of heart and soul into his songs, whether they be his poetic originals or well-chosen covers. I’ve gotten to preview some unmastered version of his new songs, in which a bunch of his friends from North Carolina pitched in musically to give him a backing band. It’s hard to classify his music, in my mind I dub it soulful alt-country. He’s melodic, his voice is powerful and haunting. Last night on Oct 30 I went and saw him play at Underdogs, an Inner Sunset bar, largely to get footage for the upcoming video. He had a great show, and blew my frickin mind with his cover of Bob Marley’s classic song “No Woman, No Cry.” I filmed the song and have posted it below. The video speaks for itself, and I hope you enjoy watching Brent pour himself into the song as a sampling of the type of musician and performer he is. What I think is even more impressive is the performance in light of the atmosphere. The bar wasn’t packed, but it didn’t matter. I used to play in a band, and in my experience it can be tough to be fully invested in a show when it’s not sold-out. However, he put on a show like he was at Carnegie Hall, which I think is a great way to get the fan base here in San Francisco that he left behind in North Carolina. I have more footage from the show which I will be releasing on youtube in the future.

Check out the video, and check in for updates about our video shoot. I’ve never made a music video before, and neither has he, so it should be a bumbling enterprise but fun as hell.


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