Posted by: Mark | November 18, 2008 sucks

A few weeks ago I got suckered by an ad on facebook. On the side there was a link to, which was hosting a music video contest. Being that I was literally at that moment starting to work on a music video with Brent Jordan, I figured we’d pick up the pace a bit to submit for this and potentially gain exposure for the both of us.


sure as hell is a beta site

So we did, and I finished and submitted the video. The contest is done by voting–you can vote every day on whatever video you want, but only once a day. I think the mentality is to test fan loyalty: how many people can you get to keep coming back to watch the same video and vote for it?

This being said, Babelgum decides it’s a good idea to unleash a new site design the day the contest begins, and so far, it is full of bugs. In sending out an email with the link, tons of people have complained about painfully slow loading time. To boot, their video player, which you need to download and install to watch any of their videos, is not even Mac compatible. So I can’t even go and watch and vote for my own movie. They just say it will be compatible “soon.” Not to mention Linux, which Brent runs at home. So neither the musician nor the filmmaker can actually watch and vote on the video.

babelgumI guess this is what I get for being suckered into clicking on an advertisement on a site. This just verifies my theory: if you don’t hear of something web-based word of mouth, it isn’t worth your time.

But if you have the notion, it’d be great if you can go and vote for the video anyway by clicking this link. I’d appreciate your support, assuming actually lets you vote.



  1. […] continues to suck Yesterday I vented about the inefficiency and in many ways distinct unfairness of’s new site launch that coincided with a music video contest I entered with my friend Brent. You can read the post here. […]

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