Posted by: Mark | November 19, 2008 continues to suck

Yesterday I vented about the inefficiency and in many ways distinct unfairness of‘s new site launch that coincided with a music video contest I entered with my friend Brent. You can read the post here.

I have to give the company a bit of credit before I launch back into them. I wrote a disgruntled email yesterday about their incompatibility with Mac and Linux, and heard back within 24 hours. The email reply came with one of those disclaimers at the end to not reproduce this, so I’m not going to, but it had a timeline: Mac compatibility should be up within a week, with no projected Linux compatibility.

So I give them a bit of credit for getting back to me, but what painfully slow turnaround. I guess they don’t actually want people accessing their site.

This being said, their email ignored the inherent unfairness of this, and the subsequent frustration that stems up. Imagine this not-so-hypothetical:

band makes music video. band sends mass emails out to fans to go and vote on music video. countless fans get quite pissed off about not being able to vote on music video because they can’t access the player. band looks like a bunch of dipshits.

I guess what gets me pissed about this is two-fold. A)Babelgum’s whole thing is that they wanted to support independent music and its exposure. Instead, I argue that they in many ways hurt it. and B)I was the one who found this and proposed it to Brent, so I feel a bit sheepish for how badly it has backfired.

I wrote them back with the following email and plan on sticking to my word and withdrawing the video. We’ll just make the video public whenever we have Brent’s upcoming record release show, probably in January 2009. Bye bye


For those who are into this kind of stuff, please consider forwarding this post around. This past weekend Motrin had a commercial that backfired so horrendously because of overwhelming negative feedback by users (check out one of many stories about it here), and I think babelgum deserves an equally sharp kick in the butt for their lack of consumer- and user- satisfaction.



  1. the many stories link is not works

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