Posted by: Mark | November 19, 2008

My friend Dave needs to join Twitter

Twitter is definitely the rage on the internet. And it’s fun as hell. I’m super late to join, and just as late to blog about it, but whatever. You write updates as regularly as you want about anything that you want, but you only have 140 characters to do it. So you basically have the length of a text message to send updates. You can follow people who are on twitter, and they can follow you. Your updates automatically go to your followers, and you automatically get the updates of those you follow. I joined twitter about two months ago, and pretty much no one I know was on there. So I’ve been slowly but surely accruing “friends” to follow, and those to follow me. I get all my news from twitter, and get it all sooner than pretty much anyone else I work with. (It was dangerously addictive during the election.) I’ve found lesson ideas on twitter, gotten surf conditions, met some really cool people, and have even made great contacts with people about the Daraja Academy, the secondary school in Kenya I’ve been working on for the last year.


So this is a public plea to my friend Dave to join twitter. We both know that neither of us is good at actually sending out nice long emails that are witty and informative. We thought that we would be great at it, but it just doesn’t happen. And we both know that we have plenty of gleefully sarcastic things to say to each other. Twitter would be a great way to keep in touch.

I joined twitter and didn’t know anyone on it, and have found friends through it. But everything I’ve ever heard about twitter is that it is most fun when you have friends who are on it as well. I’ve been trying to recruit people to join, and I’ve convinced a few of them and am pretty siked about it. So now Dave, it’s your turn. Please Dave, join twitter. When we lived in DC together I used to get the most hilarious text messages ever from you. I can only imagine that with the maturation you must have undergone since then, your ability to whip out zingers in 140 characters or less has amplified into an uncontrollable juggernaut of off-the-cuff humor. And if you don’t join twitter, it’s not like either of us is going to start pouring out the emails that have been bottling up for years. That sounds great, but it’s not going to happen. So Dave, think about it and give it a shot.

I’d love to see any of you other readers on there as well. My parents just moved far, far away, and with time zone differences, the skyping isn’t as regular as I’d like it to be. We used to text each other, so why not tweet each other. (That, by the way, is what the updates are typically called, “tweets.”) And if you’re a stranger who stumbled upon this, why the hell not give it a try. I’m right now following 148 people who used to be complete strangers as well.

Twitter is not perfect of course. In some ways it brings back horrific memories of high school aged popularity contests (there are various programs that rate how “good” you are on twitter, and those never feel good) and when you follow someone who’s really cool and maybe even famous, and they totally ignore you, it stings a little bit. But it’s also awesome to have fun little updates about your friends to know what they’re up to, how they’re feeling. When you go to dinner the next time with them, or catch up on the phone, you can skip all the BS filler and jump right into the good stuff.

So here’s my twitter page if you want to check it out and poke around. See you there!


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