Posted by: Mark | November 24, 2008

Sunday: The Pro’s and the Con’s

After receiving a wonderful poem from my brother (featured later in this post) about Sunday, I couldn’t help but to go through a little mental tally of what I do, and don’t, like about Sunday. So here goes:

The Pro’s

1. Obviously, it’s still the weekend. It may be the tail end, but it’s still the weekend, damnit.

2. We typically go to Mass on Sunday. I like going to Mass. It’s spiritually refreshing, and I don’t always build that reflection time in during the rest of the week.

3. Going to Mass, Part 2. Besides the spiritual refreshment, mass is great because it’s an awesome time to smile at babies, and they give free donuts after Mass, so I get my weekly donut urge quenched.

4. Lately in particular, there has been a lot of surf on Sunday. Obviously it’s not always the case, but the day has enough time built in for surf opportunities.

5. Sunday night in particular can be a great time to watch a movie, and fall asleep very early watching said movie. For example, last night.

6. I don’t particularly like football, but I like that on Sunday in the fall I can turn on a football game when I want to.

7. It seems like all the Monster Truck rallies happen on Sunday. I am not a fan of these, but I am definitely a fan of saying “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!” the way they do in the commercials. Speaking of which, the commercial below is priceless. And yes, the featured names of the trucks that will be in attendance are Demon Speed, Ball Buster, and Dutch Oven. Incredible.

The Con’s

1. Sunday is typically “Mighty Tidy Day” around our house. This means a minimum of one hour of cleaning, with associated tasks such as laundry, taking the trash out, etc.

2. Sunday afternoon always goes too quickly.

3. Sunday night may be a great time to watch a movie and take a nap, but much more commonly it is the mandatory time to catch up after a weekend of procrastination.

4. Much of Sunday is spent pining away, wishing it was still Saturday. It’s hard to savor the moment on Sunday.

5. Sunday is followed by Monday.

6. Sunday is apocalyptic enough to inspire The Smiths to sing about it in “Every Day Is Like Sunday.” Speaking of which, there’s been a lot of songs written about the bad stuff that happens on Sunday. As compared to Saturday, I mean holy crap, the songs about Saturday (the night in particular) are so glowingly optimistic and full of unrestrained joy that it’s a bit overwhelming.

7. Sunday nights, by my brother Matthew Lukach

(Sunday Nights)

Sunday nights hurt

like a nose bleed.

The sun drops

like a hammer,

As we to-do and to-don’t

ourselves into stupor.

Something feels

like we’ve lost

A thing we were asked

to hold onto.

How can this be

we ask,

As we iron

our pants

I’m not sure how I end up feeling about Sunday. I’d probably have to go with my glass-half-full optimism and say that there’s more potential good then potential bad, you just need to plan it right. I’d love to hear things to add to either list.



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