Posted by: Mark | November 25, 2008

Introducing Gandalf, the Sea Monkey with Large Testicles

It’s really hard to take a picture of a sea monkey. There’s lighting issues, I don’t have the best still camera, but I tried. Here’s literally the BEST picture that came out.


You can just barely make out Gandalf. He is the brown blur towards the middle, closer to the bottom right.

Thank God for the wonders of photoshop. After playing around with the image a bit, I was able to get a much more clear image of Gandalf, and his large predicament. Here he is:


However, I am disappointed with the quality. Seeing Gandalf in a still-frame is nothing compared to seeing him in real life. So, I borrowed a video camera from our school’s art room and was able to get Gandalf in action. It was still hard to get him in focus, but his large testicles are clearly visible. Now some have suggested that Gandalf might be pregnant, but I think that’s impossible. First off, he’s a guy, and secondly, there are no other sea monkeys in the tank to impregnate him. So we’re left with our initial conclusion.

Needless to say, my whole class is anxiously awaiting the verdict from the experts at Sea Monkey, Inc. I will be sure to update.



  1. Damn right it’s really hard to take a picture of a sea monkey. I’ve been waiting two days for this picture and now I’m just depressed. I can’t make out a thing. I mean, your sea monkey could be a half-brother of Barack Obama for all that picture reveals.

    You’re lucky that your brother’s poem already clinched 11/25/08 as a spectacular day in the life of your blog, because this half-assed sea monkey photo shoot is a major, major letdown.

  2. […] off we have Gandalf the Sea Monkey. As a brief re-cap, Gandalf was the sole-surviving sea monkey in my class sea monkey tank (not my […]

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