Posted by: Mark | November 26, 2008

The Power of the Internet

I’ve been fascinated with facebook, twitter, and blogging largely out of curiosity. I’ve heard stories of people making large impacts using these instruments, and although I’m late to the game, I still want to give it a try. So in many ways, underlying the things I’m doing is a deep desire to see just how powerful Web 2.0 really is.

The stories have demonstrated to me that by sharing your opinion on the internet, you can definitely raise some eyebrows and get some feedback. So that was cool.

My posts on Gandalf the abnormal sea monkey have revealed that something I put on the internet can offend the sensibilities of my parents, even if I don’t tell them that it’s coming. So be it.

Now it’s time to go for another test. Can I, an average Joe, make money on the internet? I’ve been thinking about that. I spend a fair amount of time with this stuff…it’d be good for it to add up to some cash. I’d need to create a web character that people want to follow, and fills a niche in their lives. As an individual, I don’t really fill that void. My thoughts are all over the place. At one minute I’m being sarcastic, at others deeply serious. There’s no pattern to what I’m doing.

So I’d like to introduce my new experiment. That’s right, I created a blog for my puppy, complete with pictures and videos. I think I may have hit on something here. Sure, it’ll crush my ego when the masses come flocking to posts about a puppy, and totally ignore my deep thoughts, but I’m OK with that. This may be just the site that casual web surfers will check in on regularly. Who isn’t looking for a weekly fix of a little puppy love? And all the while, I can therefore justify being totally obsessed with my dog, all in the name of some grand and noble internet experiment.

And here’s the bigger catch to this. I’m thinking I’ll be able to make money if enough people come to the site, then I can start putting ads up there, and so those companies will pay for ad space. That’d be great. If that happens, I am going to give the bulk of that money to the Daraja Academy. So if you check out the blog and follow it regularly, you will be providing it with more traffic, and therefore make it that much more marketable and profitable.

I dare you to check out his blog and not fall in love with the little guy. So subscribe to it, add it to your RSS feed, and help spread the word. It’s cute, and it is raising money for girl’s education in Kenya. My last two tests of the power of the internet have been successful. I’d love to go 3 for 3.


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