Posted by: Mark | December 12, 2008

We’re All In This Together

Last holiday season my family went to Cambodia. We had an incredible time experiencing the beauty of the country, but also benefited greatly from a day volunteering in a rural village with Journeys Within Our Community, a local NGO. We spent the morning repairing a well, and in the afternoon we conducted needs-assessment surveys. I made a promo video for Journeys Within, which you can see here.

Anyway, I bring this up because after the family trip I took all the footage I captured and put together a family movie. I tend to do this, and I tend to like them a lot, often times even more than the “professional” stuff I do because it’s about my family. I closed with a sequence from our work in the village outside of Siam Reap, and I used the Ben Lee song “We’re All In This Together” as the soundtrack for it. Since then, that song has sort of gained anthem status within my family. My sister has the saying engraved on her ipod, and during my brother’s college graduation ceremony I texted that saying to him.

This holiday we are not off to rural Cambodia but instead to luxurious Hawaii, and I just issued a challenge to all the family members. The holidays are obviously a time of giving in this country, and unfortunately pretty rampant materialism, but I want us to re-capture the joy we felt while working with our Cambodian friends last year. As such, if everyone is compliant, we are going to have a personal reflection about our theme song’s chorus line–We’re All In This Together–shared each evening to keep us spiritually grounded as we relax and enjoy ourselves. I envision us telling stories that illuminate this phrase or reflecting on the value of global community–as my parents live in Japan, my siblings and I scatter throughout the United States and in-laws live in Europe. Like I tend to do with my students, I deliberately leave the challenge open-ended and provide nothing but a blank canvas, and leave it to the individual to craft what they desire. My hope is that it will be an inspiring and wonderful experience for all of us. I will eventually post mine on the blog, and if my family members are interested I will share their thoughts as well.

I write this publicly because I’d love to encourage any interested readers to write their own reflection, and to share them with me. You can leave me a comment or else email me at mark dot lukach at gmail dot com, and if you grant me permission, I will post them. I would love to hear not only from my family in Hawaii but from friends, readers, strangers, whomever! about the power that is encapsulated in this simple phrase. It’d be great to hear from young and old, and from people scattered throughout the world. And while for my family the responses will be mostly written, as we will read them aloud, it’d be great to see artwork, watch movies, listen to original music, you name it. This will potentially become its own wonderful, life-affirming, self-fulfilling prophecy if we get people throughout the world to celebrate our connections throughout the world.

So please, enjoy the song (no official music video that I could find, but below is a truncated version with a nice photo montage along with the lyrics below that), and write back!

We’re all in this together!!!

“We’re All In This Together” by Ben Lee

I woke up this morning
I suddenly realised
We’re all in this together
I started smiling
‘Cause you were smiling
And we’re all in this together
I’m made of atoms
You’re made of atoms
And we’re all in this together.
And long division just doesn’t matter
‘Cause we’re all in this together…yeah

I saw you walking
In the city
We’re all in this together
The city’s changing
cause we are changing
and we’re all in this together
every 12 seconds
someone remembers
that we’re all in this together
In the kitchen of your rent control apartment
we’re all in this together

come on baby i don’t mean to rush you
I only wanted to reach out and touch you
I’ve got to start to open my heart

I know you think about jumping ship before it sinks
but we are all in this together
ask a scientist
it’s quantum physics
we are all in this together
and on the subway we feel like strangers
but we’re all in this together
yeah i love you and you love her and she loves him
But we’re all in this together

You know baby there’s never been protection
and all the history of human connection
come on darling its alright to show me
you dont ever need to be lonely
once you start to open your heart

I saw you crying
I started crying
cause we’re all in this together
and then religion is a big decision
but we’re all in this together

we are all in this together (x12)



  1. …..already had my Christmas. Left a bike and helmet for “an 8 year old boy” with the Salvation Army Christmas toy collection. I enjoy doing this every year. The “oldsters” guarding the collection box were so excited, I could just imagine the Christmas joy of my little “eight year boy”. Anyway, hope that’s the way it will be…..

  2. […] upon the Ben Lee song “we’re all in this together.” You can read the full prompt here from a past […]

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