Posted by: Mark | December 16, 2008

Pops, Grace, and Teilhard de Chardin

My grandfather, Pops as we call him, responded to my post with an email that speaks for itself. He granted me permission to post it publicly, so here it is. After you read it just take a minute to feel envious that you don’t get to hang out this guy when the family gets together like I do. With that being said, I give you the writing of Pops:

Mark—your blog on grace is a tour de force in panentheism, and more like a prose poem than an essay. It very much compliments your blog and Ben Lee’s poem “We’re All In This Together” One of my heroes, Teilhard de Chardin, called this togetherness The Divine Milieu.

He saw a continuum of an evolving creation that hit the road running with the “Big Bang,” and which has been evolving ever since, and which will keep on evolving until we reach the pleroma, that is the fulfillment of all existence immersed in a sea of divine love. This is what panentheism is………seeing the Creator in all things, in opposition to pantheism which sees the Creator as the universe and all that it comprises. Truth is one, and it is sought and expressed through the uniqueness of human persons on a myriad of paths which should converge at the center like spokes on a wheel. In other words, Ben Lee’s poem, your blog on Grace, Gerald Manley Hopkins poems like “God’s Grandeur’” and “Pied Beauty” and de Chardin’s writings reconciling science and theology all reflect the luminosity and beauty of the continuously creating Center not unlike the refractions of light through a diamond. De Chardin so loved the world , animate and inanimate, because as a paleontologist and a Jesuit he developed a theology which connected everything from inanimate sub-atomic quarks to humankind , and everything in between like rivers, plants and the atmosphere, into one glorious love-in sustained moment by moment by the still expanding, evolving Creator of the universe. To him this was the Cosmic Christ.

Heady stuff, esoteric, but mystical and magical, because de Chardin’s take and it seems yours, sees our planet as one interdependent, connected expression of beauty and love. God is Love. John 3:16 Thank you for the opportunity to make a comment and let me close with a quote from de Chardin and Hopkins “God’s Grandeur”

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Teilhard de Chardin



  1. Mark, I didn’t reply to your Grace blog because it left me speechless — I read it twice. Somewhere deep inside I must have known that this special Pops was endeavoring to write that which I could not express. I didn’t get through two sentences of Pops’ letter before I started looking up references to follow along, like I used to do when following my favorite lecturers in school. My point is=I’m totes envious! Lemme know if this man ever comes thru SF, he has a humble fan to meet!

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