Posted by: Mark | January 12, 2009

A Great Mistake

Yesterday my wife put my cell phone in the laundry. At least, that’s how I see it. She still claims she’s only 60% responsible, which is more than half, but I think it’s at least 85%. I left my cell phone in my pants (from the night before), the pants being left on our guest bed. Our laundry basket is in our guest bedroom, unless of course there are guests in town. In her haste to start the laundry on Sunday morning, she swept my pants into the basket and, without checking their pockets, threw them in the wash, and then the dryer.

(Again, I am not prepared to take any more than 15% of the blame for this. Yes, I admit I was sloppy in leaving them around, but still.)

So the phone was ruined, and we wet to the Westlake Shopping Mall of John Daly Blvd just south of San Francisco to get a new one at the Verizon store. The Verizon store was closed, and so in the 15 minutes that we had to wait until it opened, we figured we’d go get a coffee or something…and walked past on open AT&T store.

I’ve wanted an iPhone since they first came out, but especially since the new 3G model hit the racks. I have an iPod Touch which came with a laptop that I purchased last summer, and that’s pretty sweet. But it’s so close to an iPhone but not quite there, especially since you need permission to access any wireless networks, that in many ways it only made me want one more. So my wife, in her infinite kindness and wisdom, figured we could go in the AT&T store and check out to see, hypothetically, how much it would cost to get iPhones. The big question, of course, was about how much it was going to cost us monthly.


The signs were all pointing towards an iPhone. My wife knows she would not take full advantage of one, so she just wanted a basic line, which is allowed under AT&T. The sales rep, a rad dude named Carlos who was so frickin awesome, kept talking it up and working to make it as easy to transfer from Verizon as possible, throwing in added perks to make it more feasible. He could see how much I wanted one. And to boot, he only had ONE LEFT in the store, with the next shipment not coming in for another week.

Had we not walked out of there with an iPhone, I would have gone to Verizon and gotten the most recent, basic piece of crap phone that they have. Instead, the stars were aligned and I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone, and our monthly plan is going to be only about $5-$10 more per month than it was with a basic Verizon plan.

In other words, I am stoked. The universe clearly wanted me to get one. All the elements were in place: cell phone ruined, Verizon store closed, one phone left in the store, major hooks-up by the salesclerk.

To add a review element to this…

My wife: a big awesome 10 for ruining my cell phone and for willing to listen to Carlos.
Carlos: another BIG TEN for being awesome, thoughtful, and majorly hooking us up.
Verizon: a bunch of jackasses. Who doesn’t open till 11 on a Sunday? And there was a guy in the store, he just wasn’t ready to open it up. Sucks for him, they lost two customers they’ve had for years and years. -20 for him.
The Universe: 10++++ for making the signs so clear that this was the right move.
Oh yeah, the iPhone itself: 10 for being epic. I love it already and look forward to getting to know it better.



  1. What a wonderful mistake! Welcome to the iClub. In about three days you will miss sending picture messages and receiving pictures messages. Then you’ll get over it.

  2. Dude,

    Shame yourself for using the adjective “epic”. I had hoped that it wouldn’t make its way past the Mississippi.


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