Posted by: Mark | January 12, 2009

(W)Ignorance is Bliss

I had to jump into the foray of talking about Bush’s last press conference(1). You can watch portions of the conference here on the Huffington Posts’s site.(2) I watched it this morning while playing with the puppy. Honestly, I am totally unsurprised that Bush continued to show the similar amount of disgust for the press and total lack of remorse for anything he did. For example, I love the answer to “mistakes” and how he basically pawns off his failure to respond to Katrina.

It has been oft-discussed that Bush thinks that “Mission Accomplished” was a mistake(3), but sure as hell doesn’t think that it was a mistake to invade in the first place. Meanwhile, the surge worked(4). Also, there was also no mention of the economic crisis and the unbridled loan practices his administration permitted over the last 8 years.

In general, I think that this press conference was above anything else, a huge sigh of relief. For us, the Americans, who can say goodbye to a bad and dumb president. For the White House Press Corps, who must hate being talked to like a bunch of idiots. And for Bush, who basically hung up his stirrups a year ago and has been auto-piloting the country into the ground.

Good bye and good riddance.(5)

(1) in homage to the deceased David Foster Wallace, I’m going to footnote this blog entry.
(2) if you bought into Sarah Palin’s absurd remarks about the “filtered media” manipulating politicians, then you’re not likely to check out the Huffington Post, and maybe even think that this whole thing was done by an actor and it’s all fake to make Bush look bad.
(3) I bought a blue polo shirt at a thrift store for $1 that has the emblem “Mission Accomplished” on it. That sucker is going to be worth a lot some day.
(4) I’m a teacher. The war has been going on for almost 6 years. The surge has been moderately successful for a year and a half. That is 1.5/6, or a sweet 25% success rate. That is like abysmally failing by almost any other standard.
(5) I am definitely doing this footnote thing again. And to be clear, this is most absolutely in reference to DFW, and not the most recent Pulitzer prize winner “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” which I’m halfway through and I think is a) not really that good, and b) not exactly original for stealing DFW’s use of funny, descriptive, and rambling footnotes in fiction.



  1. Cheers to Good Riddance! That book just arrived in my mailbox today, and I was psyched to start reading it, but now after footnote 5, I’m not as psyched. Is ‘not really that good’ equivalent to regret?

    Should I tape a brick to it and throw it at the person who recommended it to me?

    Should I put up a banner that says Mission Accomplished before I even start reading it?

  2. As a representative of ACTS clothing store, I would like to remind you that nothing in our store is a dollar; I suspect the “mission accomplished” t shirt was a quarter at most.

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