Posted by: Mark | February 4, 2009

Neti Pot Madness

I have been recently using a Neti Pot. This is one of the most interesting, and in many ways flat out gross, ways to fight sinus problems.

A Neti Pot is basically an alladin genie lamp looking pot that you fill with warm salt water. You then take the tip of it and put it up your one nostril, tilt your head, the water flows through your sinuses and then out your other nostril. The takes all dirty elements–like snot, allergin dust, etc–with it.

It is gross. Totally, totally gross. After a round with the Neti Pot, you have warm salt water and snot dripping from your chin, your eyes are bleary and red from the experience, but you feel great. Your sinuses are clean. You can breathe again. It’s amazing.

I am not going to take a picture of myself doing the Neti Pot, but it really is something you gotta see to believe. There are absolutely hilarious pictures online of people doing the Neti Pot. I like, in particular, the Neti Pot photos that are sanctioned by the Neti Pot companies, you know, like advertisements. I can just envision the young aspiring model getting so excited when her agent calls to tell her that SHE is going to be THE FACE for an amazing product that will be used throughout the country, and then her excitement fading a bit when she learns that the product is a sinus cleanser, and that for the photo she’s going to have to put a spigot from a Neti Pot up her nose and drain out her sinuses.

But whatever, it totally works, and it’s also a great way to fight of sickness before it gets to you. Almost everyone at my school is getting sick, and so I’ve been Neti Potting to try and fight it off–and I usually get really bad allergy problems, I’m always stuffy and sneezing–and I’m making out like a champion right now.

Product Review
Advertising Pictures: these get a strong 10 out of me. With a product like the Neti Pot, I think you have two options in your ad campaign: really goofy and hilarious, or relatively bland and inoffensive to make the product seem normal. I think they’ve done a good job with the second option.
Feeling of warm water flowing through your sinuses: 6. It kind of feels good and warm, but it also weird and a bit unnerving. The first time is definitely the worst time.
The 40 second waiting period in which it takes me to heat the water up to an appropriate temperature in my microwave in order to use the Neti Pot: 8. 40 seconds isn’t that bad, and since my microwave is in my kitchen (uh, duh) I often times just pet my puppy while I’m waiting.
Ease of cleaning: 3. This is not that easy to clean because it’s relatively small and has a lot of in’s and out’s. I don’t like using soap because then I don’t want soap to get stuck in the pot somewhere, and go up my nose, but it’s also gross to not use soap. It’s one serious Catch 22.

Overall Review: I give it an 8. It gets bonus points for being fun to talk about at parties, but it could be a bit more easy to use. I wonder if they’ll make a Neti Pot app for my iPhone. I’d give that a 10.



  1. Best sinus related post ever. I’ve always wanted to use a Neti Pot. They sell some at the health food store where I buy most of my vegan foodstuffs… Maybe next time I run in I’ll pick one up.

  2. sounds like a potential GoPro Neti Pot collaboration opportunity……

  3. Scrumptious.

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