Posted by: Mark | February 8, 2009

Fun with my iPhone

I found this awesome video put together by cnet that shows you how to make free ringtones for your iPhone using music from your iTunes 8.0 library. It’s a really easy process and is just another thing that makes the iPhone so cool and customizable. So far I’ve got my default ringtone 2:25-2:40 from the song “Banshee Beat” by Animal Collective (it’s basically the instrumental part in the song where it turns form a 2 minute, slightly annoying intro into one of the most simplistic and beautiful melodies ever). I haven’t yet settled on a ringtone for when my wife calls (she’s the only one who gets her own.) I know, so nerdy of me, right?

So apparently I’m not nerdy enough to be able to embed this video correctly on my blog, so in order to see it you’ll have to click here.



  1. Someone around here is truly a product of the Steve Jobs cultural revolution.

  2. I know, I always get annoyed about that song’s intro. I mean at first it’s cool and all, but I gotta listen through it all the time.
    Also after one of your videos I’m surprised you didn’t choose Loch Raven – perfect for background/ringtone sort of music.
    Anyway, I don’t really care about my ringtone but it’d probably be either the beginning of My Girls or the very intense part of In the Flowers.
    I wanted to comment on the superhero factor-post, but everything I wanted was already said, but I liked how you raised the issue.

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