Posted by: Mark | February 12, 2009

Prayer Song

At my Catholic school, we are encouraged to start class with a moment of prayer/reflection. I decided a few years ago that it’d b great to make the last class of the week “Prayer Song” day, in which we do a musical prayer. The basic criteria is that it can be any genre of music, but just needs to somehow invoke reflection. It’s become a fun little tradition in my class, with students really looking forward to hearing the Prayer Song of the week. After the first quarter, during which I provided songs like “Fear Not of Man” by Mos Def, and “Jesus, Etc” by Wilco, I then opened the floor to students to provide the music. We tend to listen to the music while reading the lyrics along as they are projected on my overhead.

Taking a page from my friend spgreenlaw, who does a “Music Monday” on his blog, I thought it’d be nice to share the Prayer Song of the week with you all. There’s another addition to our class tradition which is really quite funny. There’s one student who I teach who is particularly vocal in critiquing or enjoying the songs, and we have started to keep a tally of which songs he likes, and which he doesn’t. The truth is at this point that he hasn’t really liked many songs, but whatever…it’s still really fun to listen to the songs, and then hear this kid gripe.

So for today’s Prayer Song, provided by one of my students, I give you a live version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”



  1. A stark, beautiful song. A minor correction, if I may. If my record collection is correct, the actual title of the song is “Sounds of Silence”, though it is commonly written in the singular as you (and whoever kindly uploaded the video) have done here. Not a big deal. Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t heard this live version.

    And you’ve reminded me that I didn’t do a Music Monday post this week (the shame!), so thanks again!

  2. Actually, I was also wrong. The correct title is “The Sounds of Silence”. The album is entitled “Sounds of Silence”. Whoops.

  3. What a great idea. I love teaching music to my students. I feel I can’t do it as in depth as I would like with the little ones, but I will get back into.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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