Posted by: Mark | February 19, 2009

Ski Break? More like Borophyll

I think everyone is entitled to a little self-centered complaining now and then. I know that isn’t necessarily in the tenor of my blog, which tends to emphasize the positive elements in life, but I’m still gonna grant myself a little leeway and let it rip.

I’ve been on “Ski Break” for 4 days now, and this has been a pretty crappy vacation. I have done nothing that is exciting, and almost all of the things I’ve done have been errands, and errands that have gone poorly. For example…

-I got my car tuned up, because the maintenance light was on. It cost a lot of money, and I spent 3 hours grading in Starbucks while waiting. I checked on the car an hour earlier than the estimated time of completion, and apparently the car had been ready for an hour already. The jackasses just never called me. Thanks!
-I have been battling to get a non-profit discount for the Daraja Academy through the post office, so we can send our mail for cheaper. The post office is absolutely awful. I was sent to 3 different branches, and at the third one I was told I had to come back an hour later because the woman who was “trained in this kind of thing” in this wasn’t in yet. I came back an hour later, and Dely, the PhD in non-profit mailing, basically just looked at the paperwork I had brought and said she’d mail it to New York for approval or rejection. In other words, she did nothing, but I was passed to her after 4 attempts by people who did not even know how to do that. No wonder the Post Office is going broke.
-I did a huge Costco run (solo, I might add…which is the worst ever). First off, I got pizza there cuz I was hungry and it was obvious that the pizza had been sitting on the counter for a while. I don’t typically get to indulge myself in eating pizza, so getting a crappy piece was a buzzkill. The much worse thing was that after shopping and getting in line, just as it got to my turn, all the ATM machines in Costco shut down. They were now only accepting cash or check as payment. I don’t typically carry enough cash to cover a large Costco run, and so I had to run all over SOMA looking for an ATM machine. 20 minutes later, after finally finding an ATM after finding 3 that were broken, I was back in line at Costco….and the ATM machines were back up and running.
-My puppy is sick. He went from having a limp to now having a big time respiratory thing. Bulldogs are prone to this and can get really sick really quickly, so I’m freaking out. He’s got nasty green mucus coming out of his nose, he’s super tired and lazy (he’s typically pretty active, despite being a bulldog), his eyes are droopy and sad, and he’s puking. I’ve cleaned up his dog puke about a dozen times in the last few days. Yesterday he puked on the kitchen floor. Dog puke smells gross, and in fact almost makes me puke. Oh the irony. But anyway, as I was cleaning up his puke on the kitchen floor, he went into the living room and peed on his bed there. Awesome puppy. I took him to the vet to drop another several hundred dollars to get bloodwork in case he has something really serious, and also to get him on antibiotics.

You see? Pretty crappy. And this is supposed to be vacation.

I’ll be honest, there were some good things that happened this week.
-We took a mini family vacation to the East Bay for a relaxing get-away at a bed and breakfast. It was nice, but we tried sleeping with the dog on our bed which was a disaster (he fell out of bed) and since it rained the whole time I spent much of the time out in the rain cleaning up the dog’s poop. The breakfast and time with my wife relaxing were highlights worth mentioning.
-The Costco in downtown San Francisco has finally started carrying Cinnamon Toast Crunch again. It’s about damn time. Why they took that off their shelves, oh maybe a year ago, is still a mystery to me. Whatever. It’s back. BUT, it’s a Fiber infused Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which I don’t get. It’s a sugary cereal, it’s supposed to be bad for you. I don’t know why they’d try to put fiber in it, and of course, ruin the taste. I’ve had to deal with that issue by covering my bowls of cereal with chocolate syrup. It’s a compromise that I am comfortable with for now, but I’m still peeved that they’ve ruined their cereal by trying to put fiber in it.
-One night was pretty good because I ate an entire half gallon of cookies and cream cookie dough in about 30 minutes. While watching Scrubs.
-The only thing that happened over break that was truly awesome and for which I have no reservations is that my wife became an American citizen. Hopefully I’ll find time to blog about this in more detail before I head back to school. It was pretty cool to be a part of, and I’m really excited for her that now she can take part in voting.

So yeah, blah. Ski break has not been that great yet. I still got Friday and the weekend left, so hopefully it will turn around dramatically, but we’ll see. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.


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