Posted by: Mark | February 20, 2009


I’ve already bragged about enjoying my GoPro underwater camera. I made an underwater video in Maui, which it turns out is going to be featured on the GoPro website (more on that later).

So today I finally took it out in some pretty solid sized surf at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The waves weren’t huge by OB standards–probably 10-12 foot sets–but the amount of water that was churning across the surface was tremendous, and the Beach had the feel of a very big day. The waves sucked up on the take-off to create some pretty ugly drops.

So I had my camera out, and after only about 15 minutes in the water, my batteries died. (I hadn’t replaced them since Maui, so I imagined I was running thin, I just wasn’t sure how low they were.) As such, my only wave that I actually caught on camera was this ridiculous wipe-out.

As my buddy who I was surfing with told me after the wave, when I had paddled back out:
“I saw this wave wedge up with you right inside of it, and the next thing I know you’re gone and I’m watching it peel in both directions from the back. I’m watching the right and the left, to see which way you had gone. Meanwhile, the impact zone was spraying sand up in an absolute explosion, with sandy white water shooting plumes in what looked like a heavy experience. I kept looking for you on the left and the right, didn’t see you, and then finally saw your board tombstoning about 50 yards in from where you had taken off. I just kept watching your board get thrashed around, and then finally I saw you gasp up to grab your board, jump on, and then take another wave right on the head.”

Yes my friends, it was a pretty horrendous wipe-out. As I mouth to the camera at the end, “That was the worst wipe-out of my life.” Thank God I had my GoPro on board so I can remember it!



  1. that is awesome!! i think i had something close to that. cant wait to do it again!!

  2. re-energize that GoPro!! I want more!!

  3. Nice clip! The thing that strikes me is the difference in your facial expressions at the beginning and end of “the experiece.” Calm, hopefull, cool Mark becomes a rather tired, bedraggled Mark in mere seconds. Perhaps you will opt for the bigger board next time? That was a blast, my friend!

  4. I’m sure videos like this scare the crap out of Giulia!!! I was nervous just watching it.

  5. awesome. great to see what that actually looks like. that’s for posting it on stokereport 🙂

  6. […] seek or desire. It is a good read, like all Mark’s blog posts. Mark is also great with video. Check this out. This one too. Anyway, I digress. Mark’s post about Twitter and his side note on the audience […]

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