Posted by: Mark | February 21, 2009

Redemption (well, at least in the surfing sense)

Today the batteries were charged, the surf was fun, and I was able to redeem myself. After being the guy who was held down for half a minute (and literally, out in the water today someone called me out on that. It was like “man I saw your wipe-out online, you got rocked!”) I now have some surf footage I can be a bit more proud of. My buddy and I caught some fun little wedgy waves that packed a pretty good punch on the inside bar at Ocean Beach around Noriega Street. I get the feeling this is the beginning of a lot of fun surf footage.




  1. awesome fun for the fan club

  2. Digging those color effects!

  3. […] It is a good read, like all Mark’s blog posts. Mark is also great with video. Check this out. This one too. Anyway, I digress. Mark’s post about Twitter and his side note on the audience garnered a […]

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