Posted by: Mark | February 23, 2009

I am ready to GoPro

I know I’ve been writing about GoPro a lot lately, but there’s a purpose behind it all. About a week ago I got contacted through vimeo by a rep from GoPro. They wanted to have permission to feature my Maui video on their main website. Of course I let them, I mean show me an amateur video maker who wouldn’t want that sort of exposure. What’s even better is that these guys hooked me up, big time, by sending me another camera and a whole array of mounts to use for my surfboard, while skiing, etc–all for free, just for the permission to use my video.

Needless to say, I’m stoked. GoPro just came out with a new site, and when you go to the Videos tab I am the first featured video. Here’s a screenshot of it. It’s hard to see, but the video is titled “Maui Snorkeling” and I’m given credits as the maker.


These GoPro guys are definitely onto something. They made a product that is inherently pretty sweet, but what’s more is that when people use it, the end result is free advertising. People are posting all over youtube videos made by the GoPro, and every single one of those are free ads encouraging other people to get one of these cameras. I’ve already had almost 200 hits on my wipe-out video in 2 days. And to even further boost the willingness to get those free ads, the guys give away a bunch of gear and cameras to people to encourage the movie-making.

In general, this product, company, and website all get a strong 10 on my rating scale. They’re doing a great job with this start-up idea and have created an absolutely awesome product.

So check out their website, check out any other GoPro videos you can find (because they are pretty sweet), and pick up your own camera. Otherwise, keep an eye out for me while in the water at Ocean Beach and maybe I’ll lend you my board so you can get a wave or two on film.



  1. did you have a plug drilled into your board to attach this thing to? if so how much did that cost?

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