Posted by: Mark | March 2, 2009

I Wish…

Lately I’ve been really wracking my brain for a music video idea that will blow people’s minds. OK Go did it with “Here We Go Again” on the treadmills. In the last week I’ve been utterly obsessed with this gorgeous stop-motion video for the song “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie.

The video speaks for itself. I wish I could make a video like that. But for now, I’m on major brainstorming mode.

(thanks @cmagnuson for originally posting this video on twitter and unintentionally challenging me)



  1. That was quite mesmerizing. There goes my productivity.

  2. There is something so (……) about stop motion. I want to try something grand too, but always feel intimidated.

    Now I am in brainstorm mood too.

  3. That was kewl!

  4. There have been some inventive videos lately, like these:

    I don’t know if anyone has actually done this already, but when talking about stop motion ideas, writing out the lyrics in a letter soup would be entertaining for like a minute or so.

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