Posted by: Mark | March 3, 2009

Brent Jordan’s “John Song”

I made this video in the fall for my oft-mentioned friend Brent Jordan for the Babelgum Music Video contest. We made it to the semi-finals but no further, but I am just remembering that this video isn’t available anywhere else on the web besides

Now, however, you are welcome to check it out here. I’m definitely proud of this. I think it’s a good first video–first video for me as a filmmaker, and first video for Brent as a musician. It focuses primarily on him, and there is no real narrative to the video to distract from the song. It’s nothing ground-breaking but I think it’s an assortment of beautiful images set to a great song. We’re planning on collaborating again soon, and next time around I really want to push the envelope. But for now, I am quite happy with what we got here. So I give you the video for “John Song” off the new Brent Jordan album (which you can buy here) “Blue Shout Blind.”



  1. Nicely done Mark. I read a narrative there. Movement from city to nature, dark to light…you know all the big ones.

    Curious which editing tool you use. Are you able to do all that on iMovie or are you using FInal Cut. I am thinking about making the move soon, but am a bit scared.

    Would love to collaborate with you sometime, somehow. Maybe pass a film back and forth on the web and each of us tinker with it.

    Can you do that? Email a imovie file?

    Anyway, now I am rambling in your comment box.

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