Posted by: Mark | April 5, 2009


So I’ve been really busy lately.

I typically hate it when people say that. You know, you run into a friend and it’s like “how are you?” and they sort of shrug, lift their eyebrows and roll their eyes a bit, and just say “oh, you know, I’ve been reallllly busy.” I actually probably say this a lot too, and I hate it when I do it.

But it’s true. The last month has been madness. And I’m not siked about it. I’ve been working hard on a lot of different things: the Daraja Academy, teaching, coaching swimming, video making, etc. Individually, I love every single one of these items. However, when you add them all up to the level I had them rolling at, and compress it together like the month of March did, well then you end up with about 80% effort on all the pieces (at best), and a dude who just isn’t that siked about things.

My blog is deliberately named after a Swahili saying which basically says that when you hurry, you miss out on the good things in life. I love this saying because I think it’s an ethos worth living by, and for the last month I’ve let this pass me by. I’ve been way too busy to actually enjoy life. And I specifically went into my career of teaching for, amongst the many other reasons, the appeal of having a chunk of time each day to sit back and relax and soak in the goodness of life.

I’ve let that get out of my reach, and it’s been a mistake. The things that I typically enjoy in life have become chores. Taking the dog out is an impatient waiting game of when is he gonna be tired so we can go on to the next thing. One of my most favorite meditative things to do is hang up the laundry outside and let it dry in the sun. And with the longer days and really nice spring weather out here, I could have been doing that for the last month, but instead have just stuffed the laundry into the dryer without a thought. (Correction: I wasn’t even doing that. It was my wife who was doing it, making my attempt at enjoying the laundry even less sincere.) Even updating this blog has been a bit of a chore: I just want to update it so I don’t let it slide into being non-existent, but it’s mostly been snarky posts complaining about this or that. They’ve been a bit funny, but funny because it’s easy to be funny when you’re making fun of something.

(Tangent since I’m going post-modern and talking about the blog, within the blog: I am still perplexed as to why a very old post on Bullying has been funneling a ton of traffic to my blog, like literally 3-4x the usual traffic, all geared at an old post from many months ago. I’m not seeing any new links or pingbacks…so what is up? I mean I love the added attention, but am totally confused by it too.)

So I’m trying to put that behind me. I am ready to re-commit to the good old slow and appreciative life. I certainly wasn’t having fun while I was running around feeling bad for myself for being busy. Granted, this might be easy to say since I’m literally on the cusp of a 10 day vacation, which will potentially be epic beyond imaginable proportions with two much-anticipated guests coming out here for about half the break, but I’m still committing to it. It’s time for more sun-filled naps on the couch with my puppy on my chest. I know he misses napping with a friend. More going down to Ocean Beach and soaking in that goodness. More chit-chats with my wife, less bickering. More doing un-productive things that are just enjoyable to do, and thereby should be being done.

I’m back folks, because I’m slowing down to be back and love the good life I lead.

Dig it.


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