Posted by: Mark | April 7, 2009

Healthy Un-productivity

Just a few days ago I called myself out, and said that it’s time to start slowing down and enjoying life again. I have certainly been doing that the last few days. I spent about 10 hours outside this past beautiful weekend, many of those in the water surfing. And tonight was even better. It’s been the type of night in my house where there’s singing, dancing, and lots and lots of laughing. I haven’t done any grading, or lesson planning, or anything at all that could be called “work,” but I had a terrific night. I mean, I updated my blog twice…in the last hour. So here’s the quick instruction manual on how to blow off a night and just relax.

1. Get a puppy. This is a pretty crucial first step.
2. Spend time establishing a relationship of mutual trust and admiration between you and the puppy. This is work but totally worth it.
3. Find a night when you and your wife are both in really good moods and there’s a lot of laughing in the house.
4. Go into the guest room with the intention of cleaning the room in anticipation of an upcoming visit from your brother.
5. In cleaning, find two patterned handkerchiefs that you bought in Cambodia over a year ago, and have been looking for for a while.
6. Come up with a great idea.
7. Abandon the cleaning.
8. Go into the kitchen to find your puppy.
9. Put one handkerchief on his head, and one on yours.
10. Tell your wife to grab the camera and stop cleaning.
11. Enjoy the final product.



  1. I do see what you were talking about with the scruffy lack of beard. Cute puppy, though! 😀

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