Posted by: Mark | April 9, 2009


I hate to say it, but the first thing I thought of when typing the title of this post is a scene from “Clueless” in which Alicia Silverstone (Cher) and her friend Dionne realize that they are going to turn the new girl into a valley girl. You know you know the scene as well, they both shriek and giggle while yelling “Project!”

But seriously, I’m siked to be embarking on a new project. A friend of mine, whose a pretty committed environmentalist, has decided to enter the Treasure from Trash contest. The basic premise is pretty self-explanatory in that an artist takes trash, and turns it into their own art project. It’s a cool idea, and I think to do it well take some big planning.

My friend has a totally inspired idea, and she’s asked me to be the filmmaker behind the project. Part of the submission process is a 3 minute video that is about the creation of the art itself, so I’m really excited to be the guy making the video. This morning I went out early as the sun was rising to survey the project design, and the bulk of the filming (and work) is gonna take place in the next week or so. I’m really looking forward to this, particularly as some of the film judges that are involved in reviewing the artwork and accompanying films are from, MTV, Lionsgate, and Sundance! If nothing else, it’ll be awesome to get some legit people to watch my movie, especially in the hope that they like it.

Alright so really vague for now because we’re talking about a contest here, and I don’t want to potentially give any competition a heads-up on what we’re doing. Just know that we’re fired up about the Trash To Treasure, and there will potentially be some upcoming photos about the project as it’s unfolding. Also, I gotta say that this is yet another reason that I love living in San Francisco, and the Outer Sunset specifically. I would have never gotten involved in this project if it wasn’t for my mutual love of surfing and the ocean, shared by the artist. So how’s that for the good life.

Do work.


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