Posted by: Mark | April 19, 2009

Stoked Surfers

Today, on the last day of spring break, I scored a great surf session with some of my good friends. We brought out my camera and got a ton of good footage. I took a couple of still frames from the videos to give a preview of the upcoming movie. I’m pretty siked on these pictures!

Getting ready to paddle out.

Josh on a solid left, getting set up for the turn.

Michael. He was destroying it out there. The video will show how much water he threw on this turn.

Michael grabbing rail!

Me, planting my arm for a backside turn off the lip.

Me, setting up for the barrel. I did not make it…but the picture makes it look like I could have!

stoked out of my mind at the end of the session.

Best last day of spring break that I could have asked for! The video may be a few days in the works, as I’ve getting back to school and should get focused, but I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures to whet the appetite.



  1. cool!

  2. These pics are great. I would love to know what your setup for capturing them is all about. Great stuff.

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