Posted by: Mark | April 23, 2009

My Brother, the Writer

My younger brother is a fantastic writer. I remember him writing a piece as a high school senior for his school literary magazine that blew the doors off of what I thought high school seniors could write. I don’t remember a lot of the details, beyond a comparison between the U.S. Congress and an ice shelf.

So he’s a great writer. I’ve actually featured him in a post way back in this blog’s history, showcasing a poem he wrote about Sunday. You should read the poem here. In addition to this, he wrote an incredible essay about living in Nashville, TN, which was so well-received that the GW English department decided to post it on their blog. That’s even better than the Sunday poem in my book, and so absolutely worth checking out. Do it. Click the link. Do it.

So anyway, I’m here priming the pump. He just emailed me to let me know that he’s got another essay in the works that he’d like to showcase to an audience, and so in the coming days we’re going to have a blog post from my brother about the four different seasons. I am aflutter with eager anticipation. Knowing him, he’s been refining this essay for months. Compare that to my typical blog post, which is written and editing in about 45 minutes. The quality of the writing, for one fleeting and glorious post, is going to sky-rocket before leveling back out at what I’ve been feeding you. So you got that to look forward to.

(To get an even better flavor of my brother’s writing, you can check out his tweets. He’s @forexample. He’s the type of tweeter who doesn’t overload you with updates, but instead gives them calmly, full of wonderful imagery and humor. He’s basically my favorite follow. Compare that to my updates. I update like 20 times a day about pretty much everything, and very much fall into the characterization of what Maureen Dowd was lambasting in the New York Times the other day, in that I’m basically being a high school girl. Here’s a sense of it….

Me @marklukach, some of my most recent tweets: dog is slowly rehydrating. hopefully he’ll be better soon….I’m 26 years old, but I still won’t step on a crack.I’m jealous of a student of mine named Katie whose initials are “KT.” She can sign her papers that way, and it totally works. Like, totally.

stuck in the hallway with 100+ fourteen yr olds trying out for cheerleading b/c a tornado apparently touched down 10 miles from here. Help.Awkward: telling a student I’ve noticed him going to the restroom a lot during class and him responding: I have irritable bowel syndromeThings Tennessee drivers don’t seem to like: 1)using blinkers 2) 4-way stop signs 3) cyclists 4) school busses 5) anyone else on the road


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