Posted by: Mark | April 29, 2009

The Plastic Wave

My friend Kathleen Egan has created for the SMART Art Competition entitled “Trash Into Treasure” a pretty solid submission called The Plastic Wave. She encouraged a dozen of her surfer friends to collect all the plastic that they used over a 3 week period, and then molded the plastic into a giant, stand-up wave. The wave is equipped with a surfboard so that viewers can literally climb into the wave to surf the plastic wave.

Part of the process for submitting the project was to include a 3 minute video on the art piece, and so I have been working closely with her over the last month to create the following video. We’d love it if you could check it out, and maybe even rate the video or comment on it.

Thanks for watching, and please heed the message of the project and the video and be considerate of your plastic consumption!



  1. It’s been cool to watch you evolve as a cinematographer, director, and editor. You’re very good.

  2. Very cool video of Kathleen’s art wave. I hope you guys win! I’ll have to include this video in the World Oceans Day Film Festival!

  3. Great job Kathleen! and to Mark too for producing such a cool video that showcases the issue of plastic in our oceans in such an engaging way. Hope you win!!

  4. Easily your best video to date. Easily.

  5. hey mark, i cant seem to find a contact for you, i’d like to chat with you about the plastic wave and a couple film opportunities that are coming up soon. when you get a chance can you hit me up on email? not sure how to get a hold of you or kathleen. i am from the bay area but live in LA, and i work for various tv networks. thanks!

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