Posted by: Mark | May 2, 2009

I Live Here: SF

I heard about a blog called “I Live Here: SF” through a friend of mine. The concept is simple: take pictures of people in their neighborhoods, and post them along with a written piece about why they love their city or neighborhood. As a correspondent for SonicSF, I thought this was an awesome idea, and immediately contacted Julie, the creator of the blog, to a) do a photo shoot in Ocean Beach with me, my wife, and our dog Augustus, and b) interview her about her blog and its history.

Well, our photo shoot is up there! The pictures, by the way, are from before Augustus got sick, so don’t worry, I wasn’t dragging a sick dog around the dunes of Ocean Beach. Check out the blog here:

I Live Here: SF

And while you’re at it, you should also check out Julie’s other blog. In photographing the city she has come across a homeless woman who is the victim of domestic abuse, and lives on the streets with her children. Julie has gotten very involved in the lives of these people and has been very effectively raising funds to support them, and also raising the issue of homelessness here in San Francisco. Her blog narrates the story much more eloquently than I can, and it is absolutely worth checking out.

IMG_0201 by tangobaby.

As a little preview, I’ve posted this picture, which is one of my favorite family shots from the photo shoot. So go check it out!



  1. Tell me you fell just seconds after this picture. Because that would be hilarious.

    The I Live Here: SF blog looks really interesting. You may have just provided me with a new way to not study for finals.

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