Posted by: Mark | May 7, 2009

Shift Happens, Students Respond

For a recent class assignment, my sophomores watched the popular “Shift Happens” video. In essence, the video makes a couple of claims:

a) population growth in China and India means that those two countries have the manpower to potentially become very strong

b) the internet is becoming a huge part of our lives, and allows people in those countries to compete

c) “we live in exponential times” the growth of population and technology are so fast that it’s hard to anticipate what the world will look like. in other words, information gets outdated very quickly.

d) shift happens.

The video is a bit “doomsday.” The music is intense, the stats are striking. So I asked my 4 sections of sophomores to respond with their own videos. I think they’re great. I have tried to post them directly as video responses to the original “Shift Happens,” but the creator of that video has yet to grant me permission. As such, they’re a bit tough to track down on youtube, so I wanted to put them here to help promote the work of my students. I hope you enjoy watching them!

CTRL + Shift

Trend of Technology

Technology Is Enjoyable

It’s Your Choice


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