Posted by: Mark | September 1, 2009

Mohawk Madness

Two summers ago my wife cut a mohawk for me. I loved it, and I kept it through about the first two months of the school year.

When Brian Wilson, the closer for the San Francisco Giants who comes in and hurls fastballs at close to 100mph, showed up this season with a mohawk that looked strikingly similar to the one I had two years ago, I loved it. Still do.

So now, the Giants are really damn close to getting into the play-offs. They have a huge month ahead of them, with every game having tremendous significance. So I started to toy with the idea of re-igniting the joy of the mohawk to a) change it up a bit, but much more importantly b) show some solidarity and support for the Giants in their effort to make it to the playoffs.

I thought out-loud today on Twitter about it.


By the end of the day, these are the replies I had gotten about the idea:





How rad is that? This was by far the single loudest outpouring of comments I’ve gotten since joining Twitter, and to me, it stands as a fun example of the type of community that can be built through social networking. It was really fun throughout the day to get different people’s reactions, all of them positive, to get me more juiced.

So I came home, and my wife grabbed the shears and clipped away. We’ve got the end result. My hope is to encourage any other Giants fans out there that Hell Yeah, We’re In This, and that with a little love and support, even if it’s nutty, we could have one incredible September and October in San Francisco for baseball. Wouldn’t that be something.

One simple question remains…..Who is cutting a mohawk next?



  1. Looks great. I love that you can do that at your school. Not sure how that would go over at my British school where I must were a tie, although I may test it out later in the year.

    Nicely done.

  2. Hahaha love how my tweet is up there. Like I said I’m getting one. Won’t look good but hey what the hell. My Yankees are way ahead so let’s pull for a team in a race.

  3. BADA**. I, altho, will NOT be getting a mohawk anytime soon (er, ever). But I might get a purple streak…cos I can. Well done man!

  4. Classic! What a great response. Social media is wild. So is your new hairdo!

  5. You are such a “G.D.” Stud! Jenni and I love you so much, she just shaved her ‘hawk too.

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