Posted by: Mark | November 4, 2009

Dom Sagolla and the “140 Characters” Book Premiere

On October 20, 2009, Twitter co-creator and author Dom Sagolla held his book premiere for 140 Characters at the Bookshop West Portal in San Francisco. Dom has been studying short form communication since its inception, and has written a fantastic style book that helps to explain the value of short form communcation, and encourages a thoughtful engagement of tools like Twitter and Facebook. The video clip below, which I shot and edited, gives a small sampling of Dom’s talk, to introduce you to his insightful approach to Twitter and short form communication. However, it’s just a preview. Read the book or attend one of Dom’s talks for a more full appreciation.

The book event featured a packed house, and Dom spoke for a while before answering a wide array of questions. The climax of the event was at the end when he offered demos of a Beta version of an iPhone app for his new book, a concept that excites the hell out of me. However, I’ll have to wait until the app is available for public consumption before I write about it…

For more information on 140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form, including where to get a copy of it, go to, or follow @dom, @thebook, and @bookapp on Twitter.


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