Posted by: Mark | November 17, 2009

Accidental Environmentalism

Just under a month ago I started a new hashtag on my @oceanbeach twitter account called #weirdshitwasheduponOB. When you walk along Ocean Beach as much as I typically do, you see a ton of crap. Unfortunately, being so exposed to the Pacific and with major tidal swings bringing a ton of water out from the SF Bay, Ocean Beach takes the brunt of a lot of the ocean’s litter.

I’ve witnessed many creative ways to try and draw attention to all of the trash on beaches throughout the world. A branch of the Surfrider Foundation, down in Southern California, rented out a billboard and put all the trash collected from a beach clean-up onto the billboard. My friend Kathleen, as I’ve blogged about before, has made artwork in the shape of waves using plastic trash.

My feeble addition to the efforts is this hashtag. I’ve got close to 300 people following the @oceanbeach account, and so the hope is that if I post some quirky trash pictures on a regular basis, people will get more used to walking the beach with an eye on the ground for trash…and on occasion, pick the trash up on the way back to the dunes.

Here’s a couple quick highlights…

A single running shoe

Plastic Shot Glass from Ikea

Condom Wrapper

etc, etc. Feel free to subscribe via RSS to the #weirdshitwasheduponOB hashtag to see further trash. And definitely feel free to pick up trash from your local beach whenever you go enjoy yourself on the sand.


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