Posted by: Mark | December 31, 2009

Artistic Surf Photography

A few hours ago I posted some pictures I took while bodysurfing at Noriega Street at Ocean Beach, SF on December 31, 2009. Now that I’ve really spent some time sorting through the photos, I used the wonders of Adobe Photoshop to create a whole new experience. Thankfully, the GoPro images had high enough resolution to allow for some pretty substantial zooming while retaining quality, and so shots that were otherwise almost worthless suddenly became wonderful canvases for artistic exploration. In addition to zooming and cropping, I have tinkered with a variety of filters, as well as the countless ways to play with color, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc.

Enough words. Enjoy the picures. It is worth it to click on them and make them bigger. I am quite proud of these photos. Below each photo is what I have named them. Let’s just say that I’m hooked. I anticipate heading out with my fins and camera again soon.

“Purple Wave”

“Thomas Campbell Would Be Proud”

Profile in Grace
“Profile in Grace”

Picasso Blue
“Picasso Blue”

Stripped Down
“Stripped Down”


Hold On
“Hold On”





  1. impressive you were out for so long taking shots–for a while I thought you were just body-surfing (very rare to see a water photog in these parts. even bodysurfing is rare–only regular i see is judith).

    I like “stripped down” and it might be me. Do you still have the original?

  2. love love love ’em!

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