Posted by: Mark | October 25, 2010

Vaya Con Dios

I quote Keanu Reeves, from the end of “Point Break” as he wishes Patrick Swayze goodbye, because this blog has basically run its course. It was a space for me to write about whatever I wanted, and now I’m pretty much done with it.


Because my writing has progressed, and I am much more focused. As a result, I am deeply involved in some extremely fulfilling writing projects, and I want to direct your attention to these websites and say goodbye to Haraka Baraka.

1) I am writing a memoir, which will be called “Where The Road Meets The Sun.” It is a reflection after a very difficult year of illness and uncertainty. I am about 1/3 of the way done with it by now, and am beginning to look for publishers.

2) My wife and I have started a website with the same name: Where The Road Meets The Sun. It is largely a travel blog, as we are taking a 4-month, around the world trip together, fro December 2010-April 2011.

3) I am the Associate Editor of the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a hyper-local news organization for Western San Francisco. I write multiple stories a week for the Bulletin.

4) I am a contributing writer to the Scuttlefish, an ocean-appreciation website. I have a weekly column called the HMS Friday, and I conduct interviews for the site.

That’s it. Moving on from self-publishing to bigger and better things. I hope you’ll check these websites out, and thanks for reading..



  1. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT. No Giants victory post?!

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